Quickly Resolve Non-Malignant Chronic Pain, Along with Maladaptive Feelings, Thoughts, and Behaviours

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Dear Colleague

Traditionally chronic pain has been a challenging market for many psychologists and counsellors. It’s been seen as hard to treat, unrewarding, and high risk in terms of client outcomes. But right now it is probably one of the most rewarding and exciting areas to work in, because we can now actually SWITCH OFF most chronic pain signalling using evidence-based, updated psychological techniques that are easy and inexpensive to learn.

Just the same as you can now SWITCH OFF anxiety, anger/rage, jealousy, school reluctance, PTSD/trauma symptoms, and a large array of other conditioned thoughts, feelings, and behaviours, including those associated with overweight/obesity.

A key pillar for stability and growth of your practice should be integrating this innovative treatment with a sound focus on actually ELIMINATING non-malignant chronic pain. You now have the potential to build the most rewarding practice possible …. personally, professionally, and financially. All while delivering what your clients truly want … freedom from pain or distress, and freedom to move forward more robustly to a solution orientation.

You’ll have a point of difference that not only makes you stand out as a truly exceptional practice, but which gives you access to a far wider audience than you may have ever thought possible.

Rather than struggling to promote a general practice on a session-by-session basis, niching your practice to a comprehensive chronic pain program is the single best way to achieve your goals, whether you want to build a larger client portfolio, a network of practices, or whether you prefer a teaching/mentoring role ....

Whatever your vision, we want to see you achieve success even beyond your dreams.

We Want to Help You Build in this Exciting Niche

The fact is that even if every psychologist in the world started using this program to help their clients, we would still be barely touching the 1.5 billion people who are suffering with chronic pain and are currently not achieving pain relief from ANYTHING.

We can only begin to have a meaningful impact on this appalling statistic by sharing this evidence-based, updated chronic pain treatment in the hope that as many psychologists as possible will take advantage, and also in the hope that more psychologists will enter the profession. We NEED many more.

This is definitely a win/win/win/win/win: for you, for your clients, for our communities, for our workplaces and for our beleaguered health systems.

We want to show you how to:

Help many more people to actually STOP their chronic pain ... NOT just "cope with", "control", "live with" or "manage" their pain
Offer more comprehensive programs that enable clients to get the maximum benefits you can provide, instead of session-by-session arrangements that lead to no-shows and clients discharging themselves too early
Break free from the yoke of doctor referrals, because let's face it, doctors are referring less than 7% of the patients they should be referring to you anyway
Reach the 85% of chronic pain patients who have given up on EVERYTHING
Gain the easy potential for chronic pain programs to lead to your other excellent programs, group or one-on-one
Learn important new principles and skills that you can in turn teach others - be a leader in assisting colleagues to help clients enjoy changes at a deeper and more meaningful level in their lives


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Can you imagine being able to completely "switch off" your clients' chronic pain, even in the first session?

At Lifeworks Pain Clinic we run a 16-session chronic pain program that includes something unheard of .... a 100% money-back guarantee if the client does not reduce their pain by at least 50%, and preferably eliminate chronic pain completely.

While everyone else is saying "we can help you manage your pain", we openly state "we will show you how to actually stop the pain".

We REALLY want to share our entire program with you, because we are deeply committed to getting this critical breakthrough to the 1.5 billion people on this planet who are currently suffering, but just for starters here's our number 1 "go to" that we use in the very first session to give the client an instant experience of actually switching off their chronic pain. Along with all 87 endnotes and scientific references from the complete manual.

This short book will show you step by step exactly what we do in the first session to reduce or eliminate the client's chronic pain, WITHOUT having to work on changing their thoughts or attitude. This is almost the exact opposite of CBT or mindfulness.

Bonus! Comes with support to implement!

Only $27 (plus gst) for this incredible step-by-step chronic pain strategy, fully supported for easy implementation ...


For the last 26 years we have pursued the cutting edge of classical conditioning in the role of much of human suffering, including chronic pain. Of course not all cases of chronic pain are triggered by or maintained by conditioned activity in the nervous system, but independent research, along with our own trials and clinical experience, shows that the overwhelming majority of chronic pain presentations are of this nature, and can be readily extinguished.

Outcomes are not dependent upon the severity of the pain, nor the duration over which the client has suffered. The primary determinant of speed of outcome is the complexity of the chronic pain symptomatology, and the degree to which co-morbidity also requires resolution and support.

This is why we now recommend a 16-session program, in order to ensure not only the elimination (or dramatic reduction) of pain, but to also ensure that the client is permanently returned to normal roles.

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Christine Sutherland is a peer-reviewed and published clinical researcher, and an internationally-published author, with twin interests in chronic pain and obesity/overweight. In particular she has been an avid student of classical conditioning, and a pioneer in the development of a new extinction technique which markedly speeds and eases progress toward clients' desired outcomes. Her mission is to disseminate more efficacious techniques and strategies in the service of better health care for all who suffer.

Click the button below to purchase your introductory manual "Frontiers in Chronic Pain: The New Paradigm in the Psychology of Chronic Pain" ...


Our mission is to serve all who suffer, all those who love them, and all those dedicated health professionals who share that mission.

We fulfill our mission by working to disseminate more efficacious techniques and strategies, and driving clinical research which expands understanding of the mechanisms underpinning adaptive and beneficial change.

Click the button below to purchase your introductory manual "Frontiers in Chronic Pain: The New Paradigm in the Psychology of Chronic Pain" ...