Frontiers in Chronic Pain

The New Paradigm in the Psychology of Chronic Pain

In this short and easy-to-understand book we share our number 1 “go to” treatment when helping clients dramatically reduce or even eliminate their pain in the very first session of their comprehensive chronic pain program. We do this in order to PROVE to the client that the pain can be readily switched off.

Please note this is of course not the full program, but shares in detail one of our most effective strategies for reducing or eliminating chronic pain extremely rapidly. You get full support in our LinkedIn and Facebook study groups to learn and implement this strategy.

After studying this, should you wish to have the complete manual, the $27 purchase price of this text is deducted (and more). Alternatively, there is also a very valuable online program, supported by weekly conferencing, that you may wish to choose instead, and you will have an opportunity to check that out once your purchase of “Frontiers in Chronic Pain” is complete.

The cost of this text is $27.00, including tax.